Obsidian Legion Gaming

Hey there! I’m Tony, AKA JesusFreak, and over here is Wayne (*Wayne waves*) otherwise known as Gregind. We’re a small but dedicated group of community-oriented gamers. While we don’t tolerate toxic people, we invite those of all skill levels to join us. You young whippersnappers could learn a thing or two from us seasoned veterans. And we could learn from you. We are old school gamers, cutting our teeth back when controllers had wires, games came on cartridges, and when you got stuck on a game you had to figure it out or go buy a strategy guide because the internet wasn’t yet a thing.

We believe gaming is a family activity. Wayne was a Sega kid and I was a normal, more socially acceptable, Nintendo kid. He played Sonic with his brother and I played Contra with my dad and Zelda with my mom. Now that he and I have kids of our own, I’ve got my little one into Minecraft and she loves watching me play ARK and 7 Days to Die.

So, whether you’re young or old, new or pro, join us for good times and good games!