Obsidian Legion Gaming

We’re just getting this all underway, so welcome to the beginning! Wayne and I are starting this group for fun as a service to the gaming community. While we don’t tolerate toxic people, we invite those of all skill levels to join us. You young whippersnappers could learn a thing or two from us seasoned veterans. And we could learn from you. We are old school gamers, cutting our teeth back when controllers had wires and games came on cartridges. Wayne grew up a Sega kid and I was a normal, more socially acceptable Nintendo kid. But we don’t hold that against him.

We love open world sandbox games and sims. Wayne is more the RTS type while I’m more the FPS type. We both ignored the “online realm” of gaming for far too long, and are both getting back into it. As we are both fathers, we hope to pass on our love of gaming to our young ‘uns. Though Wayne’s daughter is too young, my Zoey has already been bitten by the bug.

So, whether you’re young or old, new or pro, join us for good times and good games!