Public community center & New PvP arena!

Here we are, 4 months into this cluster and finally ready to do boss battling… BUT FIRST!

What is the most annoying part of starting fresh on a new server?  DEATH BY DILO! Seriously, at least for me, it’s the grind it takes to get started. Those first 30 levels or so (even on our 5x XP boost) are really grind-y and can get old quick when you’re trying to get to your first smithy & metal tools. Some people enjoy this, some people do not. For those that do not, we have a solution… The community center!

Community center (WIP, but safe and functional.)

We wanted to provide folks joining the server an opportunity to get a quick start, so we’ve built the community center. There is a kitchen with fridges, an industrial grill, and an industrial cooker (a 2nd will be added as needed.). There is also a courtyard with 2 industrial forges, and 3 complete workshops with 2 smithy’s, a fabricator, chemistry bench, and mod crafting stations each. There is a “Pay it forward” storage area where advanced players can leave materials, supplies, and equipment that they don’t need for new players to get a start.

And, we didn’t just “admin spawn” these materials. We harvested all the materials, crafted all the components for the crafting stations (it took a LOT of polymer for the forges and chem benches!) and the structures both. Though the castle is our base for the area (Only OL tribe members have access to this) we keep the number of tames in there to a minimum to keep frame rates up. Normally all we keep there are some harvesters and stuff to give to new survivors on the server.

We are also working on a new PvP area with an arena for tranq battles, a jousting arena, and eventually a challenging maze. You can play these on your own, but we will have events and tribes can compete for prizes like armor and weapons, Wyvern eggs, and equipment!

So, join us on Discord if you’re interested in checking out the cluster or just hanging out!  Or, if you want more info first, visit our cluster info page.

Thanks for reading, see you soon!


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