ARKCraft/Obsidian Legion PixArk

It’s like Ark, but with magic. And voxels.

We’ve teamed up with ARKCraft to bring you a boosted server with lots of room for progression!

As with our other servers, rules are somewhat flexible. Trolling or other selfishness won’t be tolerated.

  • Tribes in Pixark can only have up to a MAXIMUM  of 2 Bases on the map, as big as they want. This means any living areas on the map. Because of growth in the server, we need to limit how many bases we have in the game so others can build on there too.
  • Taming pens on map are allowed, however, once you have caught your dino/creature, it is expected for them to be torn down after use.
  • It is alright to mine for items in areas with rich resources, but please fill these areas in when done. We do not want random holes left around the map, especially in the Novice Grasslands area so beginner players can gather what they need. This rule isn’t going to be enforced, but it’s more of a courtesy rule. Please try to follow it as best as you can.
  • No building in ruins, temples or ice castles, nor blocking them off to the rest of the players. These areas are good for looting and they are open to anyone who wants to go loot hunting.
  • No terra-forming around players bases or their areas. If you see a players base in the area, please be courteous and not dig too close to someone’s base. This also goes for trees planted by their base. They were planted there for a reason and it’s people’s way of beautifying the area. Please always ask before doing anything.
  • No building storage containers in high-rich areas of resources. You mine what you can carry. No claiming mines either. They are open and free for anyone to use.

Server details:

  • 3x XP
  • 3x Harvest
  • 3x Taming
  • Custom level progression
  • Extra engram points
  • Boosted stats per level
  • Map seed with a good distribution of biomes, including a fair amount of grasslands for safe base building.

How to join

The easiest way to connect to our servers is to use instead of the IP, because the IP changes occasionally. If the domain isn’t working for you for some reason and you have to use the IP, the current IP will be posted in our Discord.

Browser names:
OB Legion Cubey
OB Legion Skyworld
Cube : 27181
Sky : 27179
Obsidian Legion Discord
ARKCraft Discord