OL Presents Eternal:Steampunk

This server will be replacing the Ark:Eternal server on which the Poop2Survive series took place. Since that series petered out, I got behind on video editing, and it was frankly getting boring because of the overwhelming number of mods, we’re retconning/rebooting/restarting the series with an all new fantasy ARK server and experience

First, fewer and more sensible mods. The mods on that were out of hand, several were redundant, and many didn’t make sense in a “fantasy” world like that of Ark:Eternal.¬†The mods we’ve gone with lend them selves to some aspect of this kind of an environment.

For example, the only building mods we’re running are the Steampunk mod and S+ (mainly for the utilities like crafting stations and tools like the transfer gun). We added Bush People because it seems to fit well with a fantasy world. Most others are QoL (teleporters, TameXL) or tools (Kibble Table, Death Recovery Mod) to help keep the series moving.

And what better map to run a fantasy Ark experience on than the beautiful Crystal Isles map by the wonderfully talented Isolde Gaming?

PvP is enabled, but PvE is the name of the game. No raiding, please…

Mod list
Admin contact via Discord

Check back here for more info as we get around to publishing…