Been a little hectic lately!

A super quick update

Those who follow our YouTube channel may have noticed it’s been a few weeks since we’ve posted any videos. Well, it’s been a little crazy. I’m back in school plus I’ve been traveling a lot for work. I just spent 3 weeks in Costa Rica training the new agents that will be replacing my team, and I’m about to spend 4 more weeks there in November.

What does this mean for OL? Nothing. Just a slump in content, that’s all. We’re still active and we’re still playing, recording, etc. Wayne still streams when he can and I am editing a bit as well. I’m trying to improve my recording skills as well to make editing a little easier and quicker.

We appreciate every single one of you that takes time to look at our stuff. We don’t do it for attention and certainly not money, we just enjoy playing and like to share a few laughs with the community.

As always, thanks for reading & God bless!

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