ATLAS! (Currently offline due to lack of players)

Please note that the Atlas server is currently offline due to lack of interest & players.

We have noticed that there is a recent interest, and will be bringing the server back online soon(tm)

OBL Administrators

The pirate MMO other pirate MMOs wish they were…

Click here to join the server!
(Make sure to subscribe to the mod list first! If you get a timeout error and the game locks up, this is normal Steam/Atlas behavior… just be patient!)

Yarrr! Come sail the high seas with us in the game brought to you by the creators of Ark! With over 110 islands to explore in our 5×5 grid, you’ll have plenty of adventures gathering power stones and completing quests. As with most of our servers, it’s balanced for small groups and individuals to be able to progress without endless grinding with solid, reliable mods and 5x taming/harvesting/experience and 10x breeding. We have all of the power stones, quests, and dungeons built into our map. Loot, creature resistances, and player stats are all scaled up as well.

New content (like dungeons and map features) are usually added within a day of the update. New mods are tested in 1 or 2 grids before being added server-wide to avoid unnecessary downtime (because even the best mods have compatibility issues sometimes).

Map in it’s current configuration (that open spot in the middle is for the Kraken!)