Obsidian Legion *LEGACY* ARK Cluster

Update/Note: With the release of the Aberration DLC on December 12th, 2017, we will be starting a fresh cluster (taking lessons learned from this awesome experience). Check that out over at ObsidianLegion.com/ark for complete details!

Our PC platform PvPvE server cluster is online and open to play!  Our cluster has been up reliably for half a year, hosted by HostHavoc.  They are extremely responsive when we have issues outside our control, and we have 99% uptime.  We are currently running The Island and Ragnarok with other maps planned when we have enough players to justify it.

We have a brand new, nearly completed Community Center with industrial forges, smithies, fabricators, etc. available for public use. We have tons of stuff we can donate as well, including structure pieces, equipment, and tamed animals or fertilized eggs to get you started if you want it.

Community center (WIP, but safe and functional.)

We also have a brand new PvP arena. The Ian Malcom Memorial Arena is ready for action with tranq battles, capture the flag (dodo), Hunger Games, and more. We will also be building a jousting arena, and a “dino maze” for events with prizes! All we need are participants!

More info & Contact us

Server addresses

Server rules
Our server rules are fluid, and subject to change. We will consider requests for changes and a few exceptions at the request of survivors. This is a “living document” and when there are changes we will notify everyone via Discord, so please make sure you’re joined there and getting @everyone notifications.

  • Treat the world as PvE, PvP during events only.
  • No resource blocking
  • No Obi blocking (you can build near them, but no turrets/X-plants and no access blocking)
  • No cave blocking. Some Ragnarok caves are an exception to this rule unless they house an artifact or heavy resource deposits.
  • No pillaring excessive areas (OK to pillar a reasonable amount of space for planned expansion)
  • Admin tribe does not take sides in disputes unless there is a violation of server rules.

Custom settings

  • Offline raiding disabled
  • Cave fliers allowed
  • Dismounted flier stamina regen
  • Friendly fire disabled (subject to change for events)
  • Custom recipes enabled
  • Multiple tamed unicorns enabled

Custom spawns

  • Leedsicthys and Titanosaur spawns are disabled.
  • Admins will spawn Leeds and Titans as requested (XP, drops, tribute materials, etc)
  • Titan feeding enabled (so you can keep them), but limited to one per tribe.


  • Harvest – x5
  • Taming – x5
  • Experience – x5
  • Breeding interval – x1/10
  • Incubation/gestation – x10
  • Maturation – x10
  • Supply drop and fishing loot – 3.5x