Obsidian Legion Ascension Cluster

Ready for new adventures!

A regular progression cluster without the grind…

This cluster is maintained with the intent to go from start to finish for small tribes of people with lives outside Ark. Everything is balanced as such. Engram points are boosted, per-level player stat points give 2x gain to stats. Gather rate, XP, taming…. all boosted. But not so much that the game gets boring. Mods are geared this way as well… S+ with all automation enabled, progressive tranqs, teleporters, etc. We also have a couple “just for fun” mods like rare sightings and a couple Eco mods. We also have immersive taming because it’s more fun than the “Bill Cosby-esqe” knocking out dinos and “feeding” them.

At this time, we are running Island, SE, and Aberration for vanilla-intended progression. We added Ragnarok because it’s awesome, and fits in well with the other 3. We may add a PvP map soon of either Volcano or The Center maps.

We are self-hosted on business-class hardware for stability.

More info & Contact us

Hosted Maps:

  • The Island
  • Scorched Earth
  • Ragnarok
  • Abberation
  • Extinction
  • Event maps
    • Raid Event – Depricated official server saves to raid for materials and general kabooms.
Server rules

Our server rules are fluid, and subject to change. We will consider requests for changes and a few exceptions at the request of fellow survivors. This is a “living document” and when there are changes we will notify everyone via Discord, so please make sure you’re joined there and getting @everyone notifications.

  • A link to this page appears every time you log in, not knowing the rules will not excuse you from them.
  • Cluster is PvE, PvP may be enabled for events.
  • No resource blocking
  • No Obi blocking (you can build near them, but no turrets/X-plants and no access blocking)
  • No blocking of caves containing artifacts or major resource deposits
  • No pillar/foundation blocking excessive areas (claiming a reasonable amount of space for planned expansion is acceptable)
  • Admin tribe does not take sides in disputes unless there is a violation of server rules.
  • Teleporter mod is not to be abused… No pads in other tribes territory, blocking resources, inside caves (some caves will be provided with public pads at their entrance by us), etc.
  • Some public resources (such as unlocked sap and oil collectors) will be provided. Take only what you need, leave some for others.
Custom settings
  • Full Aberration dino transfer is enabled
  • Custom recipes enabled
  • Leedsicthys spawns disabled, admins will spawn them for you to hunt for trophies on an as-needed basis.
  • Harvest – x5
  • Taming – x5
  • Experience – x2.5
  • Stat point effectiveness – X2
  • Breeding interval – X0.1
  • Hatch/gestation – X10
  • Maturation – X10
  • Imprint multiplier matched to maturation rate, 100% imprint is possible
  • Imprint quality – X2
  • All S+ automation enabled

Q: Why don’t you have classic fliers?
A: It’s broken. It causes spawn problems and other glitches that we don’t have time to monkey with

Q: What about speed saddles?
A: Maybe some day, but not yet.

Q: Can I learn all engrams solo?
A: No, but close. We upped the EP per level significantly, and a tribe of 2 should be able to learn almost everything. Between that, and the blueprint station, you should have no problems.

Q: Can you run a mod I like?
A: Depends… We won’t use any core mods (lesson learned from Zero to Hero) anymore. If the mod is stable, doesn’t interfere with other mods, isn’t horrifically OP, and doesn’t seriously impact load times, we may add it. You can always ask, worst thing is that we say “no.” We have a test server where ALL mods are tested with our current configuration before adding them to the server.