Obsidian Legion Aberration Cluster

Ready for new adventures!

Our PC platform PvPvE server cluster is coming online 12/12/17 for the release of Aberration! This cluster will include Aberration, The Island (for Ascension), and Scorched Earth to start with other maps being added as soon as we know the cluster is stable on our new hardware.

This cluster will be brought online ASAP after Aberration is released.

This is a freshly baked cluster, hot off the presses with an all-new mod set. We have the basics (S+, CKF, etc.) but we’re also running the new Zero to Hero mod!

Zero to Hero is a sweeping PVE focused rebalancer and overhaul mod for ARK in the style of Balance Evolved & ARK Remastered, breathing new life into the vanilla roster of pets and making them viable with and against each other, and more uniquely reworking and rethink the most tedious aspects of the game (breeding and taming) to ensure a more balanced and approachable experience.

The creator has breathed new life into the first tames, and made the characters true “hero” survivors! Flyers are back to their original glory, and the real beasts of the land are bolder and more powerful! No more wasted levels! Torpor mechanic makes sense! Yet, balance is maintained and the OP dinos of other rebalance mods are leveled out.

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Server connection info (click to connect directly to the server):


Server rules

Our server rules are fluid, and subject to change. We will consider requests for changes and a few exceptions at the request of survivors. This is a “living document” and when there are changes we will notify everyone via Discord, so please make sure you’re joined there and getting @everyone notifications.

  • Server is PvE, PvP may be enabled for events.
  • No resource blocking
  • No Obi blocking (you can build near them, but no turrets/X-plants and no access blocking)
  • No blocking of caves containing artifacts or major resource deposits
  • No pillar/foundation blocking excessive areas (claiming a reasonable amount of space for planned expansion is acceptable)
  • Admin tribe does not take sides in disputesĀ unless there is a violation of server rules.

Custom settings

  • Non-Aberration dino transfer into Aberration map is enabled
  • CustomĀ recipesĀ enabled


  • Harvest – x5
  • Taming – x5
  • Experience – x2.5