7 Days to Die

A17 is here! Sort of!

7 Days to Die
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Not a lot of things are as terrifying in survival situations than zombies… aside from regularly scheduled super-zombies. Build your base (or reinforce existing structures) using voxel style building as the pressure builds during the 7-day cycle while trying to find parts to craft weapons to defend yourself when they do break through your defenses…

We’re running the experimental build of a17 currently. There may be bugs… OK, there will likely be bugs. We’ll do the best we can to accommodate, but please understand that this is beta and we’re going to have to roll with the punches a bit…

To install the experimental build, follow these instructions:

Then, on the Betas tab, select “latest_experimental.”
First, right-click 7DtD in your library and go to “properties.”


  1. Open Steam
  2. Right click on 7 Days to die in your library
  3. Click on “Properties” in the drop down
  4. Clik on the “Betas” tab
  5. Click the drop down
  6. Click latest_experimental – Unstable build
  7. Click “close.”

The game will now update (about 3 GB at the time of this publication) and you should be able to play once it’s done.


Join us on Discord to report issues or just hang out!

Make sure to join our Discord to report issues so that we can try to help you out. Admins are not always on the game server, but we generally watch the Discord for any issues that pop up and can fix most problems with our remote tools no matter where we are. Also, make sure to report bugs to FunPimps, as we will only be able to help with issues on our server.


Server rules:

  • This is a PvE server, if there are any glitches please respect this.
  • Keep the language clean in global chat
  • Don’t be a douchebag. Trolls and griefers are not tolerated.